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(Verse One)

I saw you growing from a fish-bowl window

Not tall, but ordained with love on every stem.

Watched you gracefully avoid the limbo

stick, while refusing to bend unlike the rest of  them.

You've got sunsets reflecting from you

mixed with leaves and falling rain.

Mama, mama, what's this world done come to

when we can't enjoy life outside of the window pane.


Mother nature, you're my

Good, you're my good mood booster

(Verse Two)

When riding 'round out in South Dakota

your magnitude was apparent at every turn.

You're like a teacher when our minds are open.

Continuous lessons for the ones who want to learn,

and I'm your student in the greatest sense.

Don't need paper, just enlighten me with the wind.

Most of your children remain with brains so dense

that they watch the glow until the natural light ends.