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 V1-  Well, I got spaghetti legs and like everyone that I know

         I'm praising God for your existence while I'm cursing him for the snow

         I'm only four days into grieving and centuries from being fine

         But I've got plans to win you still on clouds of macaroons and wine

C1-  And every time I felt your comfort and every time you called me "love"

         I just knew that I was blessed to know an angel from above

V2-   You made me a better human from my head down to my toes

         And in death you're still improving the lives of me and Team Fargo

         I apologize 'cause I'm not happy, I've just been shedding tears away

         But I know we exchanged the fact that the sun can't shine every single day

C2-  Though it was overly romantic, all my poetry was true

         I became Shakespeare and Cummings when I thought of or saw you

V3-  There are pieces of you scattered in our souls and outer space

        And we will carry out your causes to make the world a better place.

        I'll learn to pray so you can hear me singing to you through the cold

        and name my daughter Ariel in hopes that she may end up bold

C3- Despite my tears, I'm overjoyed to have been considered your friend

        And I'm certain that the ninth was not the end.