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 (Verse One)

Well, a life's what you make it like a ball of children's clay

What's a tiger in the morning, by the night may be the prey

And every day we have decisions that play habit to the host

I ought to build myself an ark ten-thousand miles inland from coast

And let it sit like an oceanic ghost

(Verse Two)

Brought to you by advertisers old and young throughout the land

It's the life you've always wanted, it fits the mold that they had planned

Would someone please take the time to play the spoiler to this fate

I want you dressed by 7:30 and out the door by eight

At 8:01 you'll ask me why I hesitate

(Verse Three)

If you were a juggler I would be part of your act

I'd trust you to throw my organs through the air and that's a fact

Use my intestines as a jump rope, make a javelin of my spine

If you promised afterward that both them and you were mine

And if you did, I'd be intact in a moment's time