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(Verse One)

For a loss of words

I sure got a whole lot on my mind

With my head on a swivel, my eyes seem to catch yours every time

Words better left for tomorrow, save sanity, throw them right into a rhyme

(Verse Two)

Well, I'm not ashamed to say it 'though it might make some others cringe,

Your smile's an accessory to addiction like a pipe or a syringe.

And I'm slouching in the corner, waiting for our union to begin,

But Father Time constantly weighs in against me, so I'm destined to never win.

(Verse Three)

If you like this song, take a snapshot, preserve it any way that you choose,

But don't be hurrying, until I have her I'll be a poster of the blues.

And there's lots of time and changing ahead, lots of tightening up the screws

But I can wait 'cause without you honey, without you honey, you know I'm bound to lose.

(Verse Four)

It's hard to trust love songs, they're always wrapped in such sweet lies,

But if you find out this aint true, you can go Oedipus on my eyes.

I've loved you in varying degrees since I met you, so this shouldn't be a surprise,

But if I blew your mind well-open then for that I suppose I'll apologize.